Louis Alvarez Hired as Associate Superintendent of Operations
Louis Alvarez, Assistant Superintendent of Operations

It is our pleasure to announce that the interview committee has selected Mr. Louis Alvarez to replace Mr. Curtis Clough, as our district Associate Superintendent for Operations. Mr. Clough was recently selected as the new Superintendent of Hagerman Schools.

Mr. Alvarez has worked for Silver Schools these past 12 years at all levels, most recently at both 6th Street and at La Plata as campus principal. Mr. Alvarez has been a part of two campuses that have experienced significant academic improvement, as recognized by the Public Education Departments campus rating systems. "I understand the energy and commitment that it takes to accomplish the goals we set for ourselves. Together we were able to turn our schools around. I want to take this same drive to help move the district in a positive direction." His 22 years of experience as an educator will add a solid voice of leadership to our district team.

We will move quickly to interview and hire a new principal at La Plata, but please know that Mr. Alvarez will remain on as campus Principal at La Plata until a new Principal has been selected for the campus and is available to begin his or her duties. We will not leave our campuses unprepared to begin the 2021-2022 school year.