Transportation Department

Welcome to the Silver Consolidated Schools Transportation Department and to the 2022-2023 school year! We are excited for the opportunity to provide transportation to the students in our District, and realize that you are entrusting us to the most precious cargo that you can think of. The District is committed to providing safe, reliable, professional, and efficient transportation for our students. With your help and support, we can provide your child with an orderly environment that emphasizes the importance of consistent expectations in and out of the classroom, including while riding the bus. Your child’s security and well-being is our number one priority, and we ask that all students follow the rules established by the bus driver, in order to keep them safe; and our buses running smoothly.

We will be glad to meet with you to address any concerns you may have or ideas to improve our transportation efforts. However, please do not interrupt our drivers during operation of the bus route. Please call your child's campus administrator or myself at the number listed below, and we will schedule a time to visit as soon as possible.

As you are aware, school bus transportation is a privilege available to eligible students according to the Standard for Providing Transportation for Eligible Students ( We look forward to working in partnership with you to keep all our children safe.

Victor Oaxaca

Transportation Coordinator

Office Hours 7:00am - 4:30pm

2810 N. Swan Street Silver City, NM 88061 Office: 575.956.2001

Mission Statement

The Silver Consolidated Schools Transportation Department makes it a priority to support the educational process by providing students with a safe, reliable, professional and efficient mode of transportation to and from their school, and school-sponsored extra-curricular activities.

Staff Members
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Transportation needs for students with an IEP who require transportation as a related service is determined by each student's IEP team and shall be included in the IEP - please visit with your child's caseload manager for additional information.