The fundamental purpose of education is the promotion of the development of the individual, intellectually, physically, socially, morally, and emotionally, for living in a modern world.

This effort is an extension of the primary parental influence, which initially shapes each student. The educational process is a partnership with the student, parent, and community to prepare the student to be aware of his/her personal, educational, and vocational objectives and to provide an environment where each student can acquire the knowledge, skill, and motivation needed to meet these objectives.

The achievement of these goals requires a genuine concern for each individual with his/her unique needs, talents, and interests. The main task of the administration is to provide a dynamic learning environment staffed by committed, concerned, and competent teachers who help students find their highest level of competency as well as develop a positive self-image, sense of personal dignity, and respect for self and others.

The ultimate goal is to equip young people to find self-fulfillment as well as to become productive members of our democratic society.