SB-9 Mill Levy

SB-9 Mill Levy
Posted on 04/01/2019

Will this raise my taxes?

No. Passage re-authorizes and continues the existing mill levy that is already in effect. The District is required every six years to ask the voters to renew the mill levy. The renewal will NOT RAISE YOUR TAXES.

​What am I Voting on?

Ballot Question

Shall the Board of Education of the Silver Consolidated School District No. 1, County of Grant, State of New Mexico, be authorized to impose a property tax of $2.00 on each $1,000.00 of net taxable value of the property allocated to the District under the Property Tax Code for the property tax years 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 for capital improvements in the District including payments made with respect to lease-purchase arrangements as defined in the Education Technology Equipment Act, Chapter 6, Article 15A NMSA 1978, or the Public School Lease Purchase Act, Chapter 22, Article 26A NMSA 1978, but excluding any other debt service expenses, for: (1) erecting, remodeling, making additions to, providing equipment for or furnishing public school buildings; (2) purchasing or improving public school grounds; (3) maintenance of public school buildings or public school grounds, including the purchasing or repairing of maintenance equipment and participating in the facility information management system as required by the Public School Capital Outlay Act and including payments under contracts with regional education cooperatives for maintenance support services and expenditures for technical training and certification for maintenance and facilities management personnel, but excluding salary expenses of District employees; (4) purchasing activity vehicles for transporting students to extracurricular school activities; (5) purchasing computer software and hardware for student use in public school classrooms; and (6) purchasing and installing education technology improvements, excluding salary expenses of school district employees, but including tools used in the educational process that constitute learning and administrative resources, and which may also include: (a) satellite, copper and fiber-optic transmission; computer and network connection devices; digital communication equipment, including voice, video and data equipment; servers, switches; portable media devices, such as discs and drives to contain data for electronic storage and playback; and the purchase or lease of software licenses or other technologies and services, maintenance, equipment and computer infrastructure information, techniques and tools used to implement technology in schools and related facilities; and (b) improvements, alterations and modifications to, or expansions of, existing buildings or tangible personal property necessary or advisable to house or otherwise accommodate any of the tools listed in this paragraph?

What is the Two-Mill Capital Improvements Levy (SB-9) and why is it important?

The Public School Capital Improvements Tax - also known as SB-9 or the two-mill levy, provides an ongoing source of funding to pay for routine school maintenance and small construction projects. These projects protect the taxpayers’ investment in our buildings and assure they are safe, functional places for teaching and learning. (Please see the ballot question for a more specific list.) School districts must ask voters to reauthorize the tax every six years.

How is this different from a bond issue?

The two-mill levy is not the same as a bond issue - they are two different things and both are important:

Two-Mill Levy

Provides ongoing funding to take care of the things that keep a school functioning like fixing heating and plumbing or installing electrical outlets.

Bond Issues

Fund major projects, such as major construction of school facilities or renovations.

How much money will the two-mill levy generate for Silver Consolidated Schools?

It will generate approximately 1.1 million per year to repair, maintain, and improve schools. SCS operates .5 million square feet of school facilities. Mill Levy funds will be used to maintain all these facilities and all school owned vehicles.

I don't have children in Silver Consolidated Public Schools.
Why is building maintenance important to me?

The dollars received by SCS for SB-9 funds flow back into the community, providing a significant economic impact. Because the money is used for facility maintenance and repair, businesses such as, our local contractors, hardware stores, concrete suppliers and carpet and tile vendors will be impacted by the outcome of this important election.

What happens if the two-mill levy fails to pass?

Without SB-9 funds, crucial building maintenance would either not be performed or would have to be taken away from instruction in order to purchase the light bulbs, cleaning equipment, and maintenance repair parts that are necessary to keep the school doors open.

Why a special mail-in election?

Earlier this year, the legislature mandated all elections be consolidated into November, leaving SCS with a budget gap since the prior SB-9 mill levy was approved by voters in February 2013.

The newly passed law, HB-98, requires any special election to now be held by mail-in ballot.

Who may vote in the mill levy election?

Any registered voter residing in the Silver Consolidated District is eligible to vote. To find out if you are a registered SCS voter, contact the Grant County Clerk's Office at (575) 574-0042. You can also log on to and click on "Find my Registration."

Where and when can I vote?

Due to recent legislative changes in the local election act, the mill levy is required to be conducted as a special mail-in ballot. In years past, voters were required to vote at established voting locations. This year, the mail-in ballot will be mailed to you, beginning April 16th. The ballot must be received by the Grant County Clerk's Office no later than May 14th.

What if I never receive my ballot?

You can contact the County Clerk's Office to verify the address it was mailed to and/or to get a replacement ballot.

Do I sign the ballot?

No. Once you fill out the ballot, you must place it in the inner envelope and seal it. You will then print and sign your name and provide your year of birth on the outer envelope. ​NOTE: If the outer envelope is not signed the ballot will NOT be counted.

Do I have to pay for postage to mail in my ballot?

No. Ballot postage is paid as part of the election process.

I am not registered to vote. How can I register?

The State of New Mexico has an online registration portal where any eligible citizen may register to vote. The deadline to register to vote is April 16th. You can also call the Grant County Clerk's Office at (575) 574-0042 or visit their office at 1400 Highway 180 E., Silver City, NM 88061. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday

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