•Notice of Adoption of Instructional Materials - Grades 9-12
The Silver Consolidated Schools will be adopting curriculum materials for grades 9 through 12 in English/Language Arts/Reading, and Modern and Classical Language.  Parents who wish to participate in the adoption process may contact the principals at the high school for more information.  Contact information is as follows:  

Silver High School Cliff High School
Principal, Beth Lougee Principal, Dean Spurgeon  
Contact Number:  956-2158 Contact Number:  956-2051

Opportunity High School                     

Principal, Jason Ping

Contact Number:  956-2140

Superintendent's Message

Our primary responsibility as teachers, staff, and school leaders is that we must prepare our students to be successful in a global society. We must make sure that all of our learners know how to collaborate, communicate, think critically, and are creative in solving problems. Silver Schools need to allow our students to reach their potential; we need teachers to know they are empowered to implement new ideas. We need to build a culture K-12 that is driven by student need and that reflects a team effort, with all staff contributing to our students who will become successful citizens of tomorrow.
The K-12 pathways for graduates from Silver Consolidated Schools have to demonstrate that they have the skill set that focuses on the 4 C’s: Collaboration, Communication, Critical thinking, and Creativity as well as the traditional 3 R’s.(Reading,  wRiting, aRithmetic). To realize this goal, we must develop pathways that allow us to roll out key items in our strategic plan more quickly, effectively and efficiently. To accomplish this, our culture needs to shift to one that is nimble, adaptive, and resilient so all students are given the opportunity to rise to their fullest potential and teachers are empowered to implement new ideas and take risks so the seeds of innovation can be planted, germinate, grow and spread throughout our schools. In my view, this culture shift will unleash our energy and creativity in achieving our collective purpose as teachers and support staff who work with children every day.  Parents, patrons, students, and teachers, welcome to a new school year.

Lon Streib